About Us

Taylor M. Henderson

Sara N. Schoen

We are both twenty-year-old college students who were born and raised in Virginia. We have been interested in writing since we were young, Sara started a book in elementary school about the headless horseman, and Taylor wrote fantasy and even historical fiction. We’ve been working together for 4 years now! That’s longer than either of our relationships with our respective boyfriends, and they wonder why we never stop texting and talking about writing. We met in a creative writing class in our junior year of high school where Taylor introduced Sara to an amateur writing website called Wattpad. We each started countless stories, and eventually began writing together as well. We’ve been each other’s support and guidance during the years, and we were there for each other as we tried to find a publisher that would accept our work. Sara had been trying with Amber Alert for months, getting turned down by numerous publishers, until Limitless said yes. We then submitted the Dying Game to limitless and both were official contracted with a publisher by the age of nineteen.

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