Author Services

We offer an array of services to authors including book trailers, book blurbs, teasers, and editing. For any service contact us at with the service desired in the headline of the email.

Who works on what?

Sara: Book trailers, video teasers, book teasers, editing services, and book blurbs.

Taylor: Book trailers, book video teasers, book teasers, and editing services.

Book Trailers:  $60

If you would like a book trailer, we ask for at least two weeks to complete the trailer before you need it. It will be made with videos and photos we own and have taken ourselves, or you own and provide to us to use. By providing videos and photos you also give us the right to use them in the future.The videos are typically 1-2 minutes long, we try not to go over that so we can keep an interest in the viewer and make them want more so they read the book.

Here are a few examples of ones we've done:


"I’ve been working with Sara Schoen from Stolen Glances Promotions since March of this year when she created my first book trailer. It was so amazing, that I hired her to create two more! Sara does excellent work. She is open to ideas and suggestions and not afraid to push the limits in order to create something truly outstanding. Sara [and her company] is more customer-focused than many entrepreneurs I have met (in person and online.) Sara goes above and beyond the call of duty. Needless to say, Sara and her company are highly recommended. This girl is definitely GOING PLACES!" - Cathy McGough (author)

"I'm seriously in love! Thanks guys. You guys are fucking awesome! And u so nailed the like tone of book." - Erin Lee (author)

"Love it!!! Thank you Stolen Glances Promotions! You guys did great." - Carissa Lynch (author)

Book Blurbs: $10

If you would like a book blurb please contact us with the book and an overall synopsis of the work you want a blurb for. We will work with you to create a blurb perfect for your work.


"The blurb is perfect they way you have it. Thank you." - J.L Clayton (author)

Teasers (photo/video): $35 (video) and 3 for $15 (photo teasers)

Video teasers are a lot like trailers, but shorter. They can last between 10-30 seconds. This is once again just to get the reader/viewer interested and wanting to read the book for themselves. Once again, if you provide photos or videos for usage you also give us the right to use them again.



"OMG these vids are so awesome... Ahhh!!! So awesome. I think I'm more excited about these videos than the book LMAO" - Carissa Lynch (author)

Editing Services:  Determined by word count

We are authors ourselves, and between us have 13 books published. We have worked with three different editors and have a lot of insight and comments from them that we would like to pass on to you as well. We will edit you work and prepare you for self-publication or for submission to a publisher.

"Taylor Henderson is a fantastic beta reader and editor. I have gotten her feedback on both full-length and short story manuscripts. She presents the positives and negatives in a constructive manner and offers valuable insight not only from an editor's point of view, but a reader's as well. With her thoroughness and expertise, I know my product will be that much stronger when put on the market for readers to enjoy. I consider her one of the VIPs on my publishing team." - Haley Allison

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